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Contagionist is a hybrid content and inbound marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. We help companies tell their stories… so they can attract more prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Our process starts with a discovery phase in which we dig deep to understand your brand and determine how it aligns with the values, interests and pain points of your ideal customers. Then we develop a content marketing and inbound marketing strategy tailored to your needs. We’re experienced in all forms of online content and pride ourselves on our work.

Let us help you bring your brand story to life.



Patrick Allossery

Founder, Chief Contagionist

Patrick started Contagionist with the vision of creating an online agency that offered the perfect blend of content marketing and inbound marketing services. A former journalist, he has a natural eye for detail and a knack for helping clients tell their stories. His industry experience runs the gamut from automobiles and healthcare to financial services and not-for-profits. Patrick believes clear, measurable business objectives should be at the heart of all marketing efforts. He sees his role as more than just helping clients drive existing business forward. He also looks ahead to anticipate the unmet needs of their customers and spot new opportunities for growth.


Victor Rodriguez

Art Director

A native of Colombia, Victor is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator. Creative to the core, he absorbs everything around him – from words, images and sounds to textures, tastes and smells – and combines the pieces into inspired acts of marketing communication. Never short of ideas and full of energy, Victor has developed and honed his skills across the fields of advertising, website design, corporate identity, packaging, product design, typography, photography and more. His unique talent set includes the ability to spot an errant pixel from 50 paces. Victor’s passion for simplicity and clean lines is matched only by his love for futbol.


About Contagionist

Contagionist is a content and
inbound marketing agency.


526 Crawford Street
Toronto, Ontario
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Tel: (416) 832-8297

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