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Your company is probably on social media, whether you know it or not. That’s because your customers are on social media. They’re talking about things that matter to them, including (from time to time) you. The question is: are you using social media marketing to turn these conversations into opportunities to build awareness, drive web traffic and increase sales?

Are you turning social media conversations into opportunities to drive positive customer engagement and sales?

If not, you’re missing out on one of the better occasions to create meaningful connections with your potential customers. In general, people consider their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to be highly reliable – even invaluable – resources when they’re learning about products or deciding between brands.

When a discussion arises about your company, even one that’s negative in tone, there’s much to be gained by participating.

Earn credibility and win new brand advocates

You’ll quickly earn credibility and win new brand advocates simply by being helpful or proactively addressing customer concerns. In the right context, you’ll even have the opportunity to promote yourself directly and showcase new products and services.

You’ll quickly earn credibility and win new brand advocates simply by being helpful

At Contagionist, we work with you to integrate social media marketing into your business and strategically communicate your core marketing messages.

Here are ways social media marketing can help you:

  • Increase awareness of your brand by establishing a social-media presence and participating in discussions
  • Strengthen your PR campaigns by using social media marketing to amplifying the messages
  • Drive traffic to your website by posting helpful content that adds to the discussion
  • Protect your reputation and build credibility by proactively addressing complaints and problems
  • Extend your customer-service platform by responding to issues raised and questions asked, and by publishing solutions for easy discovery by your customers
  • Gather valuable research information by listening and asking questions
  • Build a community of brand advocates by showing your customers you genuinely care about their needs and by undertaking a planned, sustained effort to help and support them



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