Improve conversion rates with powerful copy and design

You work hard and pay good money to attract potential customers to your website. Landing pages are critical to converting this traffic into leads and sales.

Landing pages are an opportunity to present your prospects with a specific message and take your best shot at influencing their next action.

That’s because each landing page provides you with a unique opportunity to present your prospects with a specific message and take your best shot at influencing their next action. A visitor browsing your site, especially a large site, can easily miss key ideas you’re attempting to communicate.

The same visitor arriving on a page with a single focus is much more likely to absorb the message.

We create landing pages with powerful copy and design to convince your prospects to take the next step, whether it’s filling out an information form or filling in their credit-card data.

Landing pages encourage visitors to take action

A landing page is any page on a website intended to influence a visitor to take particular action. They essentially break down into two categories: organic-search landing pages and campaign-specific landing pages.

  • Organic-search 
    An organic-search landing page is a page focused on a distinct topic and optimized to attract prospects searching on specific keywords. Product and service pages are examples of pages that perform well in organic search. Typically, these pages are also intended to be discovered by visitors browsing the site, so they’re included in the navigation.Thus, an important characteristic to note about organic-search landing pages is they serve multiple purposes: they must rank high for search terms, provide information relevant to the topic and persuade visitors to take an action. For this reason, though organic-search landing pages have a specific focus, they’re more generalist in nature than the campaign-specific variety.
  • Campaign-specific 
    A campaign-specific landing page has the single-minded purpose of persuading targeted prospects to do something you want. These prospects are targeted in that you’ve actively attracted them to your landing page using methods such as content marketing, inbound marketing, earned media, social media or pay-per-click advertising (PPC).Given this, you should know enough about their backgrounds and interests to be able to create a campaign-specific landing page with relevant context and a convincing message. If you go further and segment your prospects according to traffic source, you can drill down to create pages that are even more customized and specific.

At Contagionist, we believe landing pages represent your first and best chance to make a good impression. We’ll help you create landing pages that communicate exactly what you want to say quickly and clearly.

Well-crafted landing pages can move the needle in your inbound marketing, making all the difference between websites that fizzle and those that drive meaningful returns.


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