You need a content marketing agency

As part of doing business online, you need to produce content for a variety of purposes and in many different forms. Some of your content should be focused on creating awareness among prospects and attracting them to your website for deposit at the top of your sales funnel. We help companies develop Contagious Content for this purpose.

Content marketing generates more inbound traffic for your website and increases engagement with target audiences

Contagious Content is content so helpful or inspiring to your prospects that it actually influences them to change their thinking or behaviour. From there, it’s a small step for them to visit your website and spread the word to others (so you get even more traffic).

Content marketing spreads the word

Once prospects arrive at your website, you require content of a different kind. This new content converts visitors into leads, moves leads through your sales funnel and, ultimately, turns them into customers. Content is also the fuel that drives conversation rate optimization, which is essential to lowering your cost per acquisition and increasing your overall return on investment.

A comprehensive lead-nurturing strategy can encompass many forms of content, including blog posts, social media updates, ebooks, whitepapers, videos and webinars. What’s important is for the content to be relevant (so it clicks with the target) and helpful (so the target has reason to stay engaged).

As your prospects advance through your sales funnel, you have to be on the ball. It’s critical to monitor their progress, anticipate their questions and provide answers at the right time and through the right content channel. As part of our content marketing services, we’ll map your content to your buyer personas and manage the entire process with a editorial calendar.

We’ll map your content to your buyer personas and manage the entire process with a editorial

Content map: At Contagionist, we’ll work with you to create a content map that organizes the flow of content directed at your buyer personas. Through this process, we identify the topics and content channels suited to each persona at each stage of the buying cycle.

For example, a simple, early-stage question may be best addressed through a short blog post, while a later-stage question requiring more a detailed response might be dealt with more effectively through an ebook, whitepaper or webinar.

Editorial calendar: As a content marketer, you have to think and act like a media company. Media companies specialize in producing a steady flow of content – and one of their most important tools is an editorial calendar. With all the moving parts in even modest-sized content marketing or inbound marketing campaigns, you’ll have just as much need to apply strict controls on your editorial process.

Our editorial team will create a customized calendar for your campaign. We’ll keep content development and distribution on track by ensuring all of your contributors, stakeholders and distribution channels are synchronized and accountable.


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