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When it comes to optimizing the conversion rate of a web page, improvements to your call-to-action (CTA) could supply the biggest bang for your buck.

A CTA is a text snippet, button, banner or other design element with an embedded hyperlink. CTAs are placed in strategic locations on your website in order to grab the attention of your visitors and encourage them to click right then and there.

A strong call-to-action helps increase profits by improving user experience and maximizing conversions.

Call-to-action objectives

Your larger objective, of course, is to motivate your visitors to take a specific conversion action, such as make a purchase, sign up for a trial or download an ebook. But attracting clicks is a crucial part of encouraging prospects along the conversion path – and even small tweaks to the copy and design of your call-to-action can make the difference between a bounce and a conversion.

The Contagionist team will help ensure your website’s calls-to-action are performing at optimum levels to drive the highest possible conversion rates. Though creating effective CTAs may seem easy, it’s a skill that takes time to develop and requires a strong understanding of page layout, design, color, scale and language.

Our call-to-action development process includes A/B testing to measure and validate effectiveness. We’re experts at designing CTAs that stand out visually and convey relevant benefits that will give your prospects a reason to click through.


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