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Every business is a brand. Every brand has a story. And companies that tell the best brand stories are more likely to succeed. At Contagionist, we pour our hearts into helping you tell your story - through website copy, blog posts, ebooks, video, social media and more.

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Contagionist is a hybrid content marketing and inbound marketing agency. We use inbound marketing strategies to pull your target audience into the conversation. Then we engage them with contagious content that they like, use and share.




Engage, change minds, inspire loyalty

Stories inform, excite and give hope. They bring us together and spur us to action. For businesses of all types, content marketing is the new form of brand storytelling. Our approach to content marketing flows from a simple truth. Your customers and prospects have similar challenges, needs and goals. We work with you to identify high-potential opportunities to connect with them. Then we create remarkable content that tells your story in a manner that is both relevant and aligned with your brand. We call this contagious content. It's content marketing so helpful or inspiring to the target audience, it actually leads to a change in thinking. As a result, your prospects will feel compelled to find you online. And they'll become brand ambassadors, sharing your content with family, friends and colleagues. Read More...


A marriage of content and SEO

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Inbound marketing is a strategy for providing your potential customers with relevant, compelling content (category information, brand pricing, an insight or a laugh) at the precise moment they're searching for that very thing. Such precision may seem a tall order. However, it's actually a straightforward result of marrying targeted content with search engine optimization (SEO). A typical inbound marketing campaign includes website copy, blog posts, premium content such as ebooks or whitepapers, videos, social media and PR. All fully integrated and optimized for search. With today's consumers increasingly tuning out mainstream advertising, content marketing, fuelled by inbound marketing, has emerged as a vital tool for reaching consumers. We believe a disciplined, creative approach to inbound marketing will capture your prospects' hearts and minds – and lead them directly to your doorstep. Read more...


Rank high, get found

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You might have tons of great content on your website, but are you getting found? A site not optimized for search is essentially invisible. It takes SEO combined with content marketing and inbound marketing to bring your business into clear view. Recent research shows that page 1 search results absorb a staggering 92% of total organic traffic. Moreover, the top position garners 33% of total traffic, while tenth place pulls an abysmal 2.4%. For this reason, search engine optimization is critical to online success. Appearing first in search can transform your business, driving sales of existing prooducts and creating new opportunities for growth and achievement. Everyone knows keywords are integral to SEO, but there are many other important factors, both on-page and off-page. It's time your company mastered search engine optimization and rose to the top of the search results. Read More...


Drive awareness, attract prospects

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The web has become an intensely social place. In this environment, engagement and interaction serve as rocket fuel to drive brand awareness, trust and sales. If your content gets seen across the major social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest), you're more likely to be viewed as an authority. And the more authoritative you're perceived to be, the more your content will be shared. The large social media platforms also feature powerful search engines that index your social media content and serve it to their members in response to search queries. Are you getting found online as often as you'd like? Social media continues to grow in size and relevance. Your company needs to plug in and participate. Read More...


Professional website development and design

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Website marketing encompasses everything from visual design and marketing messaging to sales-funnel strategy and lead-capture tactics. A professionally designed website expresses your brand essence and engages visitors with compelling content from the moment they arrive. It also gets found by qualified traffic, tracks all visitor activity, deploys targeted offers and nurtures leads according to predetermined goals. As a web design company, we specialize in professional websites that provide a modern user experience. Once we have a clear understanding of your ideal customer, we can tailor every aspect of your content and inbound marketing activities, including search engine optimization, to generate superior ROI and build your business. Read More...


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Because it's a more effective way to generate business. We'll help you develop your inbound strategy and implement a simple step-by-step marketing plan.




From concept to delivery

You have a story to tell. Whether your goal is to inform, entertain, educate or inspire, we'll help you connect with your audience through powerful visual design. Our process is simple: We listen closely, probe for insights, work hard and get results. From brand development and website design to brochures, ebooks and infographics, we've done it all. Our team has worked with a wide range of consumer and business-to-business companies, and we're ready to work with yours. Read more...

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